The pursuit of happiness.

Next-Step could not miss the 6th Power BI Spain Users Group Event on March 19, in which we participated with our exhibition «The pursuit of happiness» at the hands of our Senior Consultant and BI trainer Mr. José Luis Cano.

Our goal was to be able to evaluate in some way the level of happiness that a country possessed, for this, we use the new Power BI connector that helps us to obtain a set of data to evaluate happiness through variables as the PIB, freedom or life expectancy of each country.

You can download the pdf of the presentation by clicking on the icon:


Analysis of global happiness in Power BI.

This is the result of our analysis and evaluation of happiness with the latest visual innovations of Power BI.

Power BI Spain Users Group.

The event was also made up of several very interesting presentations, all related to the new Power BI technologies.

  • Introduction to Azure Machine Learning with Power BI by D. Jesús Lopez Martín.
  • The third dimension Power BI and Hololens by D. Miguel Arroyo Perez.
  • Time is money and you have to measure it with PowerBI by Mrs. Ana Maria Bisbe.
  • Geospatial analysis with ArcGIS Maps for Power BI by D. Antonio José Fraga Fernández.